Pitching Startups

SportJoe is a digital community platform solely and exclusively focused on sports. With SportJoe, people interested in doing sports can look for and team up with sports partners for their respective type of sports, no matter if a sports partner is actually required for performing the type of sports or simply adds to the fun. This is done via an app which is available for Android, iOS and desktop use. SportJoe app is live.

During the conceptual process of SportJoe, we put special focus on privacy. User information is only published when users actively add a request for sports partners. Apart from searching for sports buddies, they can also chat via the added request. Above that, nearby sports locations can be displayed to users in order to facilitate their planning. If desired, users are able to receive active notifications in case a request which matches the type of sports stated in their individual profiles is added to the community.

After having reached a critical user mass the matching between offers and requests will be done by an AI at a later point so that suggestions for the best-fitting training partner profiles can be made to users. Apart from searching for sports events, SportJoe can also be used as an organization and communication tool by creating private events to which only users which already joined the event can invite others.

For clubs, teams and coaches SportJoe includes a team-function in which clubs and organizations, no matter if public or private, can do their entire internal planning and communication. This is highly beneficial for them since they receive additional attention of their members/customers by taking an important step into the digitalization of their organization.