Let's change the world! How to start a climate startup!

9/2/22, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (CEST)
eyeo GmbH, Lichstr. 25, 50825 Köln

Drawing from his experience in growing Ecosia.org (where this session will offer unique insights into its founding story), and now running one of Europe's largest climate VCs, the World Fund, Tim will talk about starting, running and working in climate startups. This session is for everyone who wants to devote his or her time to solving humanity's biggest problem! Tim Schumacher is a Cologne-based Investor and Entrepreneur, with a focus on Software and Climate Startups. This session will take place at eyeo GmbH in Ehrenfeld, a company Tim co-founded, which removes bad ads (and helps save ~25% of the traffic and thus the co2 footprint of internet surfing), where you will be able to get a look behind the scenes and have some after work drinks to kick-off the weekend!