Talentsconnect Live Insights: How we brought an HRtech startup to success

9/2/22, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (CEST)
talentsconnect AG, ‍Niehler Straße 104 Aufgang B, 2. Etage, 50733 Köln

Talentsconnect was founded in 2013 to make the job search and recruiting easier. Since then the company grew constantly and is now one of the most important HR players out there. Their main goal is to make recruiting a job that anyone can do using their technology. Their exceptional culture should be felt by every client every day and they give you the chance to ask them anything (!) and have a great time at the talentsconnect campus. The team will show you the best office you have ever seen. You'll learn about the founding story and how to come back stronger after starting off in the wrong direction. HOW TO GET HERE It's best to get here by bike, e-scooter or tram. The closest tram stop is "Florastraße" with the lines 12 and 15 and then a 5-10 minute walk. Head into the courtyard. In the corners, you see big letters A, B, C, D. Head to the entrance with the letter B, tap the display next to the door and select "Talentsconnect" to ring the bell. The office is on 2nd floor. This office is in the heart of "Nippes", one of the nicest quarters of Cologne. Close by, you will find a lot of restaurants to stop for a lunch break after the session.