FAQ about Startup SAFARI


  • Startup SAFARI is basically days of open doors for startup ecosystems: startups, companies, VCs and accelerators open their doors for attendees. Attendees register for sessions hosted by participating companies in their offices, travel around the city following their individual programs, interacting, learning and networking. Everyone is welcome to join.

  • Startup SAFARI will take place all over Cologne. There is not ONE specific venue location. Every participating startup will open its doors and hold individual sessions. Those startups that do not have an office to hold a session will be located in one of the plenty Co-Working Spaces that are joining the SAFARI.

  • SAFARI begins on Monday, 04 September at 9am and ends on Friday, 08 September after the last session.

  • Money should not stop you from attending Startup SAFARI. That is the reason why we decided to only raise a small commitment fee. You can find the ticket prices here.

  • The language of each session depends on the host. If the session description in our agenda tool “Sched” is written in English the session should be in English.

  • Unfortunately this is not possible. As a Startup SAFARI ticket holder you are allowed to attend to all sessions listed in our agenda tool “Sched”. For participating in Pirate Summit you need to apply as a Startup or Investor under http://piratesummit.com.


  • You can buy your ticket only online and not at the doors.

  • Startup SAFARI offers various opportunities to experience your local Startup Ecosystem. As a regular attendee you will have access to all regular sessions of Startup SAFARI. If a main purpose of your attendance is to network, the networking ticket will give you access to a selected number of sessions which are just made to get to know key players of the Cologne Startup Ecosystem.

  • You will receive an email from Eventbrite with your ticket information and how to register for your sessions. Once we open the registration for the sessions (18 August), you will receive an email from our agenda tool Sched.com letting you know that your profile has been created. Afterwards, you are free to create your own schedule.

  • Unfortunately that is not possible.

  • As much as we love to have plenty of people at the SAFARI, we need to keep organizational aspects in mind. For that reason it is not possible to bring someone without a valid ticket. Nevertheless we want everybody to join who wants to come. For that reason you can buy Startup SAFARI tickets online until the very last minute.

  • Unfortunately, a ticket refund is not possible.


  • Almost every session of Startup SAFARI is limited. For that reason it is very imporant to register for your prefered sessions beforehand.
    After you purchased your SAFARI ticket you will get access to our agenda tool “Sched”. In this tool you can select your sessions and register for them. But better be quick since we have a “first come- first served” model.

  • You can start creating your personal agenda on 18 August after you receive an email from sched.com, our agenda tool. Please remember your login data. If you want to see your agenda at a later point, go to sched.com and log in.

  • You have access to all regular sessions listed in the agenda, as long as seats are available.

  • Once we open the registrations on the schedule (18 August), you will receive an email from our agenda tool Sched.com, letting you know that your profile on the site has been created. The email will provide a link to automatically log you in on Sched, where you’ll be able to pick sessions you’d like to attend and block your spot. You will also receive another email via Eventbrite to remind you to look after the email from Sched. If you do not receive an email from Sched by late afternoon on the 18th, please reach out to us on dirk@startupsafari.com.

    Once you open the e-mail, you will need to click on the big green button saying “Create your schedule”, which will take you to your account in Sched. There you will be able to see available sessions and add them to your agenda.

    If you can’t log in on sched.org right after you received that email, it will take some more minutes to synchronize your ticket. If it doesn’t wok instantly DON’T PANIC it might take a coupe of minutes.

    If you’ve purchased multiple tickets under the same email address rather than put individual contact details of your friends and colleagues joining you, please get in touch with us right away so we can add their email addresses to send out the Sched invitation.

    While it won’t be possible to book 2 sessions that are happening at the same time, we ask you not to sign up for as many sessions as possible when you’re uncertain about attending them. If you do change your mind and decide to reschedule your program, please ‘unselect’ the sessions you don’t wish to attend anymore so that others who’re on the waitlist will have the opportunity to take your spot.

  • A typical SAFARI session is 90 minutes long.

  • Sched is our agenda tool. With Sched, you can register for sessions and create your own agenda.

  • Please spend some minutes to fill your profile with your picture and some information about you. This will help a lot for seeing who else is attending.
    Our system makes it possible to see profiles of other people already signed up for a given session. In order to do that, open a session, scroll to the bottom and you will see profiles. You will see the information the other people decided to share.

  • Most sessions are located pretty central in the city, so you can walk or use public transport.
    If you don’t have a monthly ticket for public transport anyway, you should buy a day ticket (“”TagesTicket 1 Person, Zone 1b””, 8,60€) or a week ticket (“”WochenTicket, Zone 1b””, 25,10€). Get more info at kvb-koeln.de
    Travelling between different locations is a great networking opportunity. Usually you will be in a small group of just a couple of people, which makes connecting to each other much easier than in a room with a big crowd.
    Ask people around you if anybody is going in the same direction as you are. You will be surprised how many people were only waiting for somebody to initiate it.

  • Better be quick! Session usually do have a maximum capacity which is set by the session host.
    For this reason we cannot extent the number of spaces.

  • Individual sessions will usually have limited capacity. It’s necessary, because most of them are taking place in offices of participating companies. Each office is different and can hold a different number of people. We have to respect their hospitality and make sure that the crowd is not too big.

    This means that sometimes sessions will be able to hold less people that would like to join them. For this reason, you should create your agenda as early as possible. If despite that, a session you want to attend has already filled up, you can always join the waitlist.

    Very often we release some additional spots in oversubscribed sessions. Sometimes we are also able to add additional sessions at the same companies when they are in high demand.

  • You can start creating your personal agenda on the 18 August after you receive an email from sched.com, our scheduling tool. Please remember your login data. If you want to see your agenda at a later point, go to sched.com and log in.

  • Before your individual SAFARI can start you will have to Check-In at one of our Information Points (Locations: tba). There you will get your SAFARI wrist band and relevant information. After that you are free to go show everybody that you are one of the cool kids of Startup SAFARI.

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